Popular Cuts


Live Sawn

In live sawn, the logs are sliced directly through without turning the log. Live sawn is the most effective approach of sawing lumber because it utilizes the whole log. Unlike the normal grain that the traditional plain sawn oak produces, the technology provides a very distinct grain that incorporates all aspects of the log. The grain varies from the quarter sawn on the outer edges to plain sawn in the center.

Plain Sawn

Plain Sawn cutting is very popular because it is an efficient method since it produces the most structurally sound boards with the least amount of waste.  This is done by making cuts around the log avoiding the center of the log (Heartwood & Pith).  This produces wider boards with less knots and other imperfections with a varied grain appearance. 

Quarter Sawn

In a Quarter Sawn cut, the initial log is cut into quarters – across the grain – at a 60 to 90 degree angle. The result is the revealing of the beautiful grain pattern. Even more important, though, is by cutting across the grain shrinkage is less likely to occur. This means your floors won't develop unsightly gaps over the years.

Rift Sawn

Rift Sawn boards are similar to Quarter Sawn but are taken from further outside the log.  This produces smaller width boards with a tighter more consistent grain.  Like with Quarter Sawn, Rift Sawn floors make for a very stable type of flooring with minimal expansion and contraction.  This is an excellent option for environments that will have wide ranges in temperature such as radiant heating.