Service FAQs


How do I place my order?
Custom unfinished or prefinished hardwood flooring orders can be placed directly by calling or e-mailing Tom at 585-509-0575 or, or through a participating dealer.
Where can I find a dealer that carries Timberline Hardwood Flooring?
The Timberline Hardwood Floors dealer list keeps growing. Please visit our Where To Buy page for the most up-to-date listing.
How do I order a sample?
Call Tom at 585-509-0575 to request a sample. Customer pays freight. Cost of freight is refunded if an order is placed.
How will my order be shipped
All flooring orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States & Canada. And because we have relationships with a variety of freight brokers, we can get excellent pricing.
Which types of saw cut do you recommend?
While we can produce flooring of any type of saw cut, we generally recommend quartersawn flooring due to the aesthetic and structural benefits it provides.
What is the maximum width and length flooring that you offer?
Timberline Hardwood Floors’ state-of-the-art milling equipment allows us to deliver ¾” thick, unfinished or prefinished planks, in widths as wide as 12 inches, and end matched up to 12 feet long.
Do you offer pre-finished flooring as well?
Timberline Hardwood Floors does not finish flooring on-site. However, if you would prefer pre-finished flooring, we can send your order to a local company that can finish it to your specifications and then ship it on to you.
Do you offer warehouse stocking?
Yes. Upon request, Timberline Hardwood Floors will stock any paid-in-full order in our warehouse at no cost until you are able to pick it up or schedule to have it shipped.
Do you have a hardwood flooring inventory?
While the majority of our orders are custom, we do have a large inventory available for immediate purchase as well, much of which is available at or below cost. Please contact us for more information.
What does your warranty cover?
While the Timberline Hardwood Floors warranty will cover defects or imperfections caused during the milling process, it does not cover damage caused by water, sun, excessive humidity, improper installation, or scratching and dents caused after installation.
What is your return policy?
Please see our Return Policy Page for complete details.